Drone Reglementation

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In France, the minimum legal age for using a civilian drone is generally set at 16. The rules also vary according to geographical area. For example, in certain urban areas or near airports, authorised altitudes may be limited to a few dozen metres, while in less populated areas, drones can fly at higher altitudes.

To ensure safety and comply with regulations, drone operators should avoid flying over prohibited or restricted areas, such as dense urban areas, industrial zones, and sensitive sites such as nuclear power stations or protected areas. It is also essential to maintain a safe distance from people and property on the ground. In general, it is recommended to maintain a minimum safety distance of at least 30 metres horizontally.

In addition to safety considerations, respect for privacy is paramount. Operators must avoid intrusive photography and respect people’s privacy. This means not filming or photographing people without their consent, and avoiding flying over private property without prior authorisation. By carefully observing these rules and acting responsibly, drone operators can make the most of their experience while ensuring safety and respect for the rights of others.